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Thank you to those who have applied for Angel – Sadly she is not suitable and we have managed to find many of you another dog and apologies to those we have been unable to help. Our precious girl has been on a learning year. Thank you to Sharon (Wolfies Dog Training) & Especially Uncle Jim her foster Dad. LETS GET ANGEL THAT SPECIAL HOME NOW!

From Trainer Sharon:

A big dog in a small dog’s body. She has personality plus and is looking for an owner who understands that she is a project dog. Although she will get better daily with consistency she will always be a project dog and at times will need training and management on a daily basis. This means she will probably be more suited to a quiet household with no children. The ideal home is a home that understands her training must be continued. She will come first and her needs must be met. She would appeal to someone who thrives on challenges and has the time to put into her. New owners have to understand that their friends need to give Angel time to get to know them which means no cuddling her, touching her etc until she is ready. She is looking for owners who will help her enhance her life and lead a quality life.

Angel has dog friends and can make many friends however at times she makes the wrong decision. This is probably a learnt behaviour from being walked on a lead and under socialised from a young age. In the home if she gets over excited she can jump and nip a little. This is her default behaviour of not knowing quite what to do in this situation. New owners need to understand how to train and be able to commit to Angel for the rest of her life. At times Angel can stress stack which sometimes looks like her behaviour is unpredictable but this is not the case. This little girl is currently sleeping in bed with her foster carer. She has lots of love to give and is very dedicated to the person she bonds with. She is taken out daily with her dog friends and joins a weekly group walk which is her training time and leads a quality life.

One free private consult will go with Angel to the new owners to show handover. Angel responds well to positive reinforcement training and absolutely loves training.

(Please e-mails only, no phone calls thank you.)

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